Walnut Shell Rouge Tumbling


I have recently added the step of walnut shell rouge to my mass
finishing. I am quite pleased with the brightness achieved, but with
some particular designs the media is getting jammed into crevices. I
have spent an unproductive amount of time scraping it out with a
dental instrument. My question is what other product may polish as
nicley but without this problem, or is there a way to effectively
dissolve the walnut shell lodged in the nooks and crannys?

Thanks for your help, AnastasiA

Hello Anastasia,

I’ve used walnut shell with rouge for some time and have the same
problem with shell packing into crevices. My tumbler is a rubber
barrel type, and I’ve been able to get most of the shell out by
tumbling a few pieces at a time in the empty barrel - the bits of
shell are jarred loose and fall out. Of course you don’t want to
tumble in the empty barrel for more than a few minutes or pieces may
scratch each other. If you have a vibrator for investment clearing,
that may do the trick. I’d be interested to see if anyone has an
easier, more effective solution to this little problem. Judy in Kansas

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Hi All We have found the best way to remove walnut is with an
ultrasonic cleaning machine .You could also use larger pieces of
material to carry the rouge, hard felt works well but you will have to
cut it (takes hours) never seen it for sale. Also wood shapes,very
much like barreling shot are very good .Here in England the only place
to get these from is Germany, this makes them very expencive, but the
do last years. you could try to make them if you cannot find them in
the USA .The material that works best is dependent on the type of
machine you use. Regards David Sheard

What about using the ultrasonic to loosen the shell bits. What about
using a different size of shell. Pegco in New Hampshire sells walnut
shell in a large range of sizes from almost sawdust to large chuncks.

Tom Kruskal

Could you share, Pegco’s phone number or address? Do you know if
they will sell small quantities? Found a company in Connecticut that
sell only 100 pound barrels or more. That will last many life times.

Barb McLaughlin
Taylor River Jewelry Design
Stratham, NH

Hi Barbara, You can purchase the walnut shell polishing compound
from Natchez Shooters Supply in Chatanoogo Tenn. (Yes, they sell Guns)
They also have a great deal going right now on the Vibrating
Tumblers $66.97. …(and that includes, 2lbs of polishing media and
4.5 lbs of Steel Shot…What a deal…Susan Chastain, Enchanted
Forest Florida, where the riding trails are awsome this time of year.

   Pegco in New Hampshire sells walnut shell in a large range of
sizes from almost sawdust to large chunks. 

Can you supply contact for Pegco in New Hampshire?
Telephone #, mailing address, e-mail, www ??

What sizes of walnut shells would be most indicated for vibratory
tumbling of Gemstone materials (tourmaline, Emerald etc.)?

Best regards, Robert Lowe - Lowe Associates - Brasil Gemstones, Rough,
Specimens e-mail: @Robert

Here is the address for Pegco which supplies walnut shell in infinite
varieties. Talk to Jeff. I use their medium size but other sizes
are appropriate for different needs.

Mark Davidson Kearsarge St Bartlett, NH 03812

Tom Kruskal

Hey, that was a good deal. They said that the tumbler was a large
size (2 gal capacity?). I ordered one and can’t wait for it to
arrive. Thanks to jcsc@suwanneevalley.net for letting us in on this

To expand on the that was given:

  1. Natchez Shooters Supply in Chatanoogo Tenn. has a vibratory
    tumbler kit available for $66.95 + s&h. This is a great deal.

  2. The kit is refered to as the “Molly”-kit and contains 1-vibratory
    tumbler, 2lb of polishing media(?), 4.5lbs of steel burnishing
    shot, and 1lb of Moly-mix? (though the Moly-mix is included it
    will have no practical application to most jewelry making
    processess). The kits’ original intention was for Moly-coating

  1. Natchez can be reached at 800.251.7839

  2. I will repost when I received the kit.