Walnut shell compound

Hi There,

I have started use walnut shell in my rotary recently, I am new for
this dry media, just want to save time and instead of hand
polishing, my question is that how can I made and find the compound
for walnut shell ? I know Rio and Otto can supply but I live in
China, I hardly to find the right compound, please help.


Try looking up the MSDS on any product of which you want to find the
ingredients - they are listed and in most cases in the proportions
contained in the product. From that you can recreate the
product using ingredients available in your locale- or at least that
you can order by mail in country. I have done this many many times
and for far less end cost than the inflated retail prices that
jewelry supply vendors sell them for with most often a much higher
weight of the end product/compound from using your own ingredients.
Just make certain you double check your matehematical conversions
and/or percentages of the raw materials to come out with the similar
product you are after. A wrong figure in dealing with chemicals - no
matter how innocuous they may seem separately - can result in a
potentially inflammable, volatile or even explosive mixture. As a
child we would mix dry pool chlorine with an oil based solvent/
cleaner like “pine-sol” brand in a small, 6 ounce coca-cola bottle and
have a resultant time delayed bomb…with less chlorine it would not
explode…so though the analogy is related remotely, the principle is
illustrative of a slight difference in proportions making a major
difference…god luck…rer