Waitlists and refunds

Hello, I have been reading the waitlist threads. I don’t have a
problem with waitlists because I recognize shows need to have a
backup. I just wish these show promoters would be more sensitive in
the area of booth refunds. They must know that we have to apply to
many more shows than we would ever be able to do just to guarantee
yourself a spot somewhere. And all these shows have overlapping
dates. I take exception to those shows ( and there are many and the
numbers are growing) that do not give you a reasonable amount of
time to withdraw and still get a refund or at least a partial
refund. I think it is absurd to have a refund cutoff date that is
before the notification date. Or, even worse, those show that want
the booth fee up front and there is no refund once you are accepted.
I realize the bind it puts them in when people withdraw but that is
what the waitlist is for. If I get into more than one show on the
same weekend I don’t want my decision to be based on who will give
me my money back. I just feel like a great financial burden is
placed on the artists and they could ease this somewhat by being
more reasonable with their deadlines. I would even accept a partial
refund as being more reasonable. What do others think??..