Waiting lists and Craft show tips

Well, friends, I’m here to bring together a couple of threads! I was
wait-listed-- number 25-- for ACC Chicago. I just got word I’m in! I
think it’s the first time a waiting list paid off for me. Of course,
if we go to war, I’ll probably be paying all that money for a few
more words on my resume…

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about it (since only incurable optimists
keep doing art fairs). I’ve never gotten into a relatively big-time
show such as this before, so any suggestions would be much
appreciated. I guess I have to shell out for electricity (and a
union guy to push in and pull out the plug), right? Is there
anything I should expect to be different from all the other shows,
beyond the fees and unions?

I hope to see some of you there. I’m thinking of buying an orchid
plant to decorate my booth… easier than a secret handshake!



I really enjoyed doing the Chicago ACC show. In fact, that venue
was the very first craft show I ever did. If an inexperienced
first-timer can make it through and not curse then you should have
no problem.

Load in is pretty easy. If you can roll your things to your booth
yourself then the union guys won’t bother you. As well, if you can
put your booth together by yourself with no mechanized tools the
union people won’t care. But don’t pull out a hammer or battery
powered screwdriver unless you want the union all over you.

Additionally, the electricians checked every booth once they were
set up. Anything without a three prong, grounded electrical cord,
other than low voltage things, they will not let you plug in. No
exceptions. So switch your electrical cords before you go.
However, they won’t bother you while you set up unless you are doing
wiring there at the show.

The customers there are quite varied. Most of them are people who
are at the pier for fun and happen on the show. But a few serious
collectors did show up and some pretty well to do shoppers. Nearly
half the people I sold to were from out of town, really out of town,
like NY and NJ.

The isles are wide and generous. Make sure you have posters so
people can see what you have, otherwise they may just walk by.

Have fun!