[WA] Job opening Goldsmith / Metalsmith

I was sorry to learn today that my valued assistant Noel has decided
to move back to Illinois, we will miss her. So I am posting this as
we are looking for someone to fill her position.

  1. Jewelry assembly and fabrication band type rings from sheet and
    wire stock. ring sizing, Skills: sawing, filing, soldering, sheet
    rolling, wire drawing.

  2. Finishing of rings by hand, flex shaft and machine polishing.
    Decorative surface treatments such as acid etching, bead blasting

  3. Stone setting skills a plus.

4 If not already familiar with then applicant will be trained in
tabletop milling machine and lathe operation.

Once trained applicant must be able to work with minimal

Attention to detail is required in all tasks. Candidate must have a
professional demeanor, strong work ethic, have the ability to work

Applicant must have a positive attitude, and must be able to
communicate well.

We offer paid vacation and health benefits

If you are interested in applying send your resume to

James Binnion Metal Arts P.O. Box 31458 Bellingham, Wa 98228 or send
it to tbin at mokume-gane.com or Fax it to 360-756-6550

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Dang! I wish I was 20 years younger. I’d jump on this in a NY minute.

Jo Haemer

Noel has decided to move back to Illinois, we will miss her. 

And I will miss the job, the Binnions, Bellingham, the Northwest–
and all the glorious salmon! Family matters draw me back.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the right person. I felt I knew
Jim before I ever met him, because of Orchid, and I was not wrong.

Thanks, Jim!