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Vulcanizing rubber at low temperatures

Elaine, thank you for your kind reference to our 4X Gold Silicone.
Introduced in 1994, it was the very first true high tear strength
silicone introduced to the industry. 4X Gold used the newest
technology in silicones of that time. In the most sincere form of
compliment, all of our silicones, including the “Quick Cure”, the
"Ten Minute Cure" and our RTV’s, have since been emulated by other
brands. We are now offering an absolute NO SHRINK heat cure silicone,
LS250, which stands alone out there at this time.

In some sense, we are the tail wagging the dog.

With respect to the dealer question, we have dealers all over the
country and overseas. The problem referenced in an earlier post is
that not all of the dealers carry all of our more than twenty mold
rubber and related products.They will, however, take drop ship orders
for all items, and most will start carrying a product, if prompted to
do so by a customer.

Please feel free to contact me for the name of the dealer nearest
you. 800-382-3271 or 440-942-1150.


Bill Mull

Zero-D Products, Inc.
Akron Jewelry Rubber