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Vulcanizer for sale


I thought I had mine sold, but the fellow needed brakes
or something on his wife’s Blazer. Better to protect your wife’s
life I guess. :wink: Anyway, have a used vulcanizer like in
Rio’s catalog. New $650 Used $300 includes a box of rubber, molds,
sprews etc. plus shipping. Also my notes on time and temperature.
Also I will available for consultation and instruction. Also this
one is really better, as it doesn,t have a wheel on top to screw
down, but a long handle for better control I think.

Or best offer. Pat

I believe you said you were passing through Naperville next month?
If it is still not sold by that time, would you contact me again?
I am interested, but am currently trying RTV.


Elaine Luther


I am interested in the vulcanizer. I didn’t see one with a long
handle in the Rio Catalog, and I’m not familiar with that type of
vulcanzer. Could you explain how the handle gives better control.
Where did you purchase it? Is it 110 volts or 220 volts? Where
are you located? I am on the West Coast so there will be a
shipping consideration. Would you be willing to ship to me?
Please e-mail me.

Laura Hiserote

HI Laura Hiserote;

Up at the top on the Rio model shown on page 245 & 246 Rio Tools
and Equipment catalog 1997 is a turning wheel. Mine has a straight
bar which is long enough to give more leverage for screwing down.
Just a different model, like cars they have to change something now
and then, but think the bar better, especially with a bit of
arthritis. I also use mine as a screw press for doming jewelry
pieces. The heating controls are on the side of mine not on the
front as they show. It is 110 v. Yes, I can ship. I am in
Northern Wisconsin, see added signature at end of this note. I
just shipped a casting machine to Nebraska and it
was only $17.50 so don’t think shipping would be outrageous. But
it does weigh just under 50 lbs. Pat