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Vulcaniser- spares interchangability

Would someone know if the heating element plates in a rubber
vulcaniser are of a universal size/fittings - I understand voltage
will be different? My reason for asking is because I have recently
obtained a used Hispana De Maquinaria model HDM vulcaniser serial No
2201 which needs some tender loving care and possibly both heating
plates. I’m assuming this is the problem as both power and
temperature lights illuminate when power is applied but no heat is
felt from the heating elements. I would also be interested in a copy
of a users instruction book if possible or even that of another
maker. At present this vulcaniser is seized solid through corrosion
and will need to undergo a reasonable amount of work which I’m
prepared to do, so long as I can find replacement spares. Any help
would be much appreciated.

Alan Lewis

Dear Alan Lewis: The Answer to your question is yes you can replace
the heating elements or the thermostat on your Vulcanizer. Before
you buy any of these diagnose the problem. Then get the size of your
plates and measure the elements and check how the themostat is
attached and if you have a digital camera get an image that you can
send. I would recommend that you do a prelimanry testing your self.

The heating elements are usually wired such that if there is a
breach the power light will not turn on.

Ready or the thermostat light on means that the poer is there and
the set temp is reached. If your Vulcanizer is showing both light
on. Chances are your Thermostat is bad. In this case the elements
will not heat up as the Thermostat cuts of the power to the

You may check the heating elements by wiring them directly. If they
are good they should start warming up immediately. I have a feeling
that this is just a stuck thermostat.

If you need any help let me know (online it would be better). I have
the parts that you would need for the Vulcanizer. Thermostats,
Heating elements etc.

Kenneth Singh

I recently had to replace an element in my Hooker wax injector , I
found a heating element maker in yellow pages locally and took the
old one in to show them the size and where the connectors came out.
You also need to know what power in watts the element is I guess they
are much the same as the modern ones .My supplier was in Stroud Glos
I will look up the name if you like , it cost me about �30 +Vat. Tim.