** Vote Results **


Thank you all for participating in the digest_vote_thread.
Your comments and enlightening input was highly important in
evaluating and improving the Orchid service.

I have just ordered another copy of ‘Majordomo Mailing
list’ to host the alternative Orchid format - The Orchid
Digest. The Digest will be available IN ADDITION to the good
and old format.

You may choose which format to receive and when. You may swap
between the services as often you as you wish!

The Installation, Configuration and testing of the new
Orchid-Digest list will be hopefully completed within few
days, With an official announcement to follow.

I promise to do my best in keeping the personal touch of
the original messages in the Digest, and will try to compile
it on a fixed daily basis [As much as life will allow me].

As the anticipated work load to maintain such a Digest was
kindly expressed in some of your votes, Charles Lewton-Brain
suggested that I should offer you guys to volunteer as
'list moderators ’ on a rotating basis. Any volunteers? Email
me personally for more details.

I should stress out some concern expressed in the vote
thread - Please, Please Edit your messages!

As one of you wrote:

"Let’s all use a little sense when we respond. We
don’t need to see ‘Tom said’, ‘Dick said’, ‘Harry
said’. If we’ve been following the thread we already
know, if you’re new to the thread, not knowing, is
the price of admission (bg).

                Edit your response!  Talk NET."

Any Comments? Suggestions? Email me at aspler@ganoksin.com

Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.