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Visualizing flush setting

OK, this is a burning question that I’ve never really gotten an
answer to.

I keep seeing gold earrings with tiny diamonds flush set into the
gold. The gold looks like it was bead blasted as it has a sandy satin
texture. I understand the part up to making the seats etc. but never
have found a good explanation of how to push metal overl the diamond
so they don’t fall out. The books say you gouge out around it with a
graver then burnish it over and thats about all they say and no good
illustrations. Well…


If you wish to have me send you my pictorial essay on Gypsy/Flush
Setting of stones, I will gladly assist you. I need your off-line
email address first! This process is not as difficult as it seems,
actually it is rather easy!

I always say, after the first 1,000 stones it is easy. If I can
teach my students this very basic form of setting, anyone can do it
with perfection!


Any directions written here would be inadequate, but the word "gouge"
should never enter into it.

If you can’t go to a workshop to learn the technique hands-on, I urge
you to buy Blaine Lewis’ first video. I learned at his school (by all
means go there if you can) but I think most folks could learn from
the excellent DVD.


Hi Gerry,

I saw your reply and was wondering if you could please send me the
info too.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Orla Levy


I also would appreciate having it.


Gerry, I would love to have a copy too, as I’m just starting on
intermediate stone setting.