Visit to Grannis Gallery, Burlington, Vermont

Hi Everyone:

I am just back from a ski weekend in Burlington, Vermont. While
there, I had such a great experience visiting Grannis Gallery that I
had to come home and write about it.

The gallery carries some of the most beautiful work. I saw work by
Michael Zobel, Todd Reed, Barbara Heinrich, Gurhan and many others.
The staff was great. When I told her that I was a beadworker and
student, she took the time to show me around and really talk to me
about all the different artists they represent. I got to hold a
strand of Tahitian pearls for the first time.

What impressed me most was the staff. The woman, even though she
knew I made jewelry and was not really shopping, took such care
showing me around. She was knowledgeable and friendly and never
seemed like she wanted to rush me out.

If anyone is ever near Burlington and has the chance, don’t miss
Grannis Gallery. They’re awesome.

Best Regards,
Kim Starbard
Cove Beads

I second that. Granis is awesome! I stopped by just before Christmas
with my entire family. The place was busy, but they took the time to
let my kids search through a “treasure chest” of polished stones,
each child got a stone of their choosing.

I explained to the counter person that I was taking a metalworking
class at UVM and the instructor, Laurie Peters, had some of her work
on display. They took the time to show me around the entire place,
answering any questions I had.


Yes folks Tim Granis is a national treasure to those who appreciate
forged work, go check out his Gallery.