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Virtual Gallery

To Michael Carey: I wasn’t trying to tread on your toes by
suggesting that people in the online jewllers forum should all
set up their own web page with their own gallery with their own
photo, resume etc. I do think, though, that perhaps the Orchid
Gallery might need humanising a little. The addition of a photo
and a resume would help. Perhaps the idea of a web ring is also
a good one with each page linking back to Orchid who could give
not only a gallery for members but links also to people with
their own web pages. The issue of credit card security is a very
vexed question at present. This could be a way to get orders. I
don’t know how good credit card security over the net is at
present. Richard W UK

Speaking of virtual galleries …

I have recently become interested in virtual commercial
galleries on the web. I would be interested to hear of any used
by members of this group. Do any of you use virtual galleries
(other than a personal web site) to sell your product? Do they
do well for you? If you don’t use a web gallery, why not? And
any other opinions you might like to offer!

Thanks in advance …

Marrin Fleet