Virtual class online for gem cutting

Where can I find a Virtual class online for Gem Cutting, software?

If nobody knows where I can fnd this, then where is it that I can
find how to become a Gem Lapidary cutter?


If you are in the US, check through the American Federation of
Mineral Societies AFMS Home Page to find a
local club. Most of these have workshops, and people who will teach
you how to cut stones (lapidary). As an example, my club in
Greenville, SC has such a workshop and many folk who “teach” newbies
how to cut stones.


What kind of lapidary work would you like to eventually do?

Thomas III

Hello Kevin,

There are several YouTube videos posted on gem cutting.

If you are wanting to learn to cut cabochons, here is a link to a
good tutorial that will show the basics:

Also take a look at the RTH Creating Cabochons board:

If you are wanting to learn to facet you may want to join the United
States Faceter’s Guild:

Membership is $18 US annually. They have a world class monthly
newsletter and a great archive.

Also the USFG has a yahoo discussion group which is free to join.

If you join the USFG’s Yahoo group and post a request for a club or
class in you area, if one exists, a member will likely be able to
help you find it.

Larry C.

I agree with joining USFG because it is a good central source for
info and has competition for all skill levels (that will help you

Also, many guilds and gem & mineral societies have classes. So,
check near your home for a club. Here in Nashville we run many
faceting and lapidary classes. There are 3 faceting classes running
per week and last 3 months.

Regis in Nashville