Vintage charms - the oldest manufacturer

Hi Orchidians, Does anyone know who the oldest manufacturer of charms
might be that is still in operation? I’m searching for a few designs
that a customer desires which seem to be vintage.

Many Thanks,

Try A.L.A. Casting in Long Island City, New York They have four HUGE
catalogs, and never remove an old design from production (as far as I
know.) David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

Try ALA Casting Co. They have a number of designs that date back
quite a few years (decades). The blue and red books have the oldest
designs. Cost about $25 - $30 each. The entire catalog collection
is well worth the investment to anyone capable of taking a piece from
raw casting to finished piece. ALA will also finish anything they offer - for a price.

I do quite a bit of antique jewelry restoration for some antique
dealers and have found some of the very same pieces they bring to me
for repair, in the ALA catalogs. And all their stuff is still
available in 10-14-18k , and yellow, white, green and other fancy gold colors
too and platinum. Ed