Vincenzo Taormina - Jewelry Gallery

Vincenzo Taormina Jewelry Artist was born in Palermo, Italy in 1967. He has past great part of his Artistic Career between Italy and the United States.

He now lives and works in Philadelphia.

Vincenzo Taormina constantly challenges himself to go beyond the conventional design solutions, he creates jewelry with instinct and passion for persons who like him consider personal freedom and expressing freedom to be the key value of life. His passion and goal always has been to create unique head turning jewelry for a life time of enjoyment, innovative comfortable designs that flow and contains wizardry, with power that amazes and sparks you and your endless imaginations. His creativity is always at work in search of inspirations, he always brings with him sketches paper and pencils because he never knows when and how he will have his next idea. In spite of that, many of his pieces have been born on the back of a napkin or a shred of paper.

About his Jewelry:

All Vincenzo Taormina’s Jewelry are created using as a primary metal: Stainless Steel Findings, Clasps, Joints, Hinges, Chains and every single part and piece from his Men’s and women’s Jewelry Catalog are individual work of art and totally Designed and Created by Vincenzo Taormina Master Jeweler, in his Atelier Studio located in Philadelphia.

Taormina Jewelry Inc.

Unisex Pendants in Stainless Steel with 8mm Gold and Black Pearl

Alba Collection

stainless steel brushed and high polished rings with gold, black pearl, steel and obsidian beads.

Aurora Collection

Ring in brushed stainless steel and gold.

Croci Collection

two crosses. on the left stainless steel and gold cross, on the right stainless steel and rubber cross.

Men’s Collection

Black rubber and stainless steel bracelet with gold bead.

Elisa Set

set of earrings, ring and necklace made of stainless steel
wires with genuine black pearls.

Nassa Collectio