Vincent Wil Hawley - Jewelry Gallery

VWH Jewelry
Boston, MA. USA

I have been making unique pieces since 2002 when I started my business VWH Fine Jewelry. I specialize in Florentine engraving using nothing but basic hand engravers (bulini). I incorporates extremely complex open-work patterns (Traforo) into my one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry. Alloying my own Gold, and with such intricacies, pieces can take months to create using these old-world techniques. I work in both Boston, MA and Florence, Italy, where I continue to explore and teach this art form passed down through generations of Italian artists.

Materials: 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, 1ctw diamonds Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm (2" x 2")

Custom alloyed 18k white gold and 18k yellow gold with .70 pt G, Si1 Diamond in center with .30tcw Diamonds around the sides. Hand pierced and layered with hand engraving. Custom pin-backing to allow for wearing as pendant and brooch.

Photo credit: Vincent Hawley

Yellow Pearl Ring

Materials: 18k Yellow Gold, 11mm Natural Indonesian Yellow Pearl
Dimensions: Size 7 (American)

Custom alloyed 18k yellow gold with an 11mm natural Indonesian yellow pearl. Hand fabricated and hand engraved.

Photo credit: Vincent Hawley

Yellow Diamond Earrings

Materials: 18k yellow gold, .75tcw natural yellow diamonds
Dimensions: 40mm x 28mm (1.58" x 1.10"

Custom alloyed 18k yellow gold with .75tcw natural yellow diamonds. Hand pierced, cut and hand engraved. Center section spins on an axis allowing for 360 degrees of movement and completely engraved on reverse side.

Photo credit: Vincent Hawley