Viking Weave Brooch

This is a sample of tight viking weave. I constructed it around a dowel with fine silver and slit it up the side and ran it through the rolling mill to flatten and compress it a little. It is in a textured sterling frame and riveted. Knitting uses a single wire that is looped through the previous row of stitches. For awesome examples of woven wire look through Textile Techniques in Metal by Arline Fisch. On page 52 is a picture of a metal loom that I covet! Woven material has warp threads on the loom and a weft thread that is woven. Think knitted sweater versus cotton gingham.
I think I need to do more of this stuff…


Nicely done! It is possible to weave with wire using a regular weaving loom. I took a class on this years ago, and it was a lot of fun! I used a 4-harness Leclerc table loom and anodized aluminum warp and weft. The warp was probably 24-30 gauge and the weft was up to probably 18 gauge or so. When I get a chance, I’ll take a photo of the sampler I wove and post it. Anodized aluminum wire can apparently be purchased bulk from some electrical suppliers. I’ll try to track down the sources in the class packet and post those, too. Have fun weaving!!