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Viking knit

I am having problems with sharp wire ends within Viking knit chain.
How do you handle them?

Dick Stromberg

Sharp ends in viking knit chain.

I look my viking knit chain over under magnification. I take a very
small right angled pliers and make sure all of the ends are
completely pushed into the center channel of the chain so they won’t
’catch’ or ‘snag’ on a sweater, etc… You just tuck them in to the
chains interior. If need be pull through the holes again after you
do tuck in all the ends to compress it again.

I have annealed and compressed viking knit to almost become cable by
doing this. Be careful that the ‘frayed’ sharp pieces are not your
wire breaking from being pulled through the holes… had that happen
too while I was trying to achieve this solid cable from viking knit.

:slight_smile: joy kruse

You might consider a sized Cup Bur. This will round the ends of the
wire with ease and leave no sharp ends. Bill

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

Hi Dick, I make lots of viking knit stuff and I try and smooth the
ends of the wire before I fold it down and before I add a new piece.
It seems to be an occasional problem only with single weave. I
haven’t had any trouble with the double weave at all. If an end pops
up after its been pulled I bring it out, coil it tightly and tuck it
back in. Sheri

Any Viking knit machine for suggestion?