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Vigor Flexshaft

Hi all,

I just acquired an old flexshaft motor tool of the brand “Vigor”, by
B. Jadow & Sons, NY. It seems to be in very good working condition,
although I don’t know how old it is. I’m sure it’s at least 20 years
old, but heaven knows it could be 50. My grandfather’s ~90-year-old
jewelry store is closing (current owner isn’t my grandfather) and
this was attached to a little bench that I bought off of them. I
also lucked out & got my great-grandfather’s huge & gorgeous
watchmaker’s bench from about 1910! They haven’t done any in-house
repair work in years, so this flexshaft tool has just been sitting
there for who knows how long. I ran it before I bought it, though,
and it seems just fine, and all the parts look really great, nice &
clean, except there’s a bit of electrical tape around the middle of
the shaft & I don’t know why.

The handpiece is a little bulky, and I wouldn’t mind finding out if
a thinner one is available, or one with a quicker change mechanism,
or if I can get a new shaft if necessary down the line. In the mean
time I’m pretty well satisfied with what I’ve got, but I’d like to
know if any replacement parts are still available for this tool. I
did a Google search on “Vigor flexshaft” & didn’t come up with
anything for Vigor other than some sort of multi-purpose grinder.
There were of course plenty of listings for flexshafts, but none
seemed to be by Vigor. Any y’all could provide would be
much appreciated!

Designs by Lisa Gallagher

Hi Lisa, The Vogor name was bought by Grobet. Service parts are
available for your Vigor flex shaft if you know where to look. The
tape around the cord is because the cord was accidently burned with
the torch. John The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

Vigor was a division of B. Jadow & Company this brand & the division
have been bought by Grobet USA. Carlstadt New Jersey.

Spares & Parts for the Motor, the Shaft & the Hand piece are still
available. A quick release Hand piece is certainly available for
this. Take it to your local Supply house so you do not need to pay
unnecessary freight charges.

Parts can be ordered and it is fairly easy to fix this your self. A
new set of Carbon brushes would be the first thing I would start and
then tackle the Outer and inner cable if necessary.

Regards Kenneth Singh

Hello Lisa, Vigor had been a brand name for B. Jadow. Their flexible
shaft machines were manufactured by Pfingst & Co. Which is still in
business. Their products are of
high quality and parts are all interchangeable with Foredom machines
which are widely distributed. The electrical tape on the shaft is
probably there either because the sheath is worn or to protect it
from wearing on something it was touching. I wouldn’t be concerned.
Good luck. Please contact me if I can be of further help.

Ray Grossman
Ray Grossman Inc.
Manufacturers of the Jump Ringer

Lisa, Vigor was purchased by Grobet some years ago. If you need to
replace the handpiece, almost any you choose should fit. If you need
a new shaft or sheath, I believe that shafts & sheaths for Buffalo
and/or Pfingts machinery may fit. I would however measure the
diameter of the arbor where the shaft connects to the motor, so you
can check with a supplier, before you purchase either. Hope that
helps, Steve

Vigor is now a brand of Grobet USA Company. www.grobetusa,
800-847-4188. They will be able to help you.