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Videos on Orchid


Gee! I did not know that Orchid had almost 1000 videos in the archives!

(has this always been the case? or have many been added/ acquired/ linked since the remodel?)

I am just curious…I have already started to work my way through them…I love to watch jewelry making/ related videos!

Thank you!


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Right now the bulk of the videos are hosted on (now available in full HD, actually). What we are working on right now is taking the same categorization system that the articles use and having the videos use it as well. So soon you will be able to look at the “CAD” category, for example, and see articles, videos, Orchid discussion threads, products, and product reviews all related to the category you are browsing.


I have 54 of them adding to the list!

Gerry Lewy


How do we find these videos ?

Thank you

Hi Brenda - if you go to and the learning center, we’ve categorized all of them now :slight_smile: The videos and articles are all under their appropriate category (in theory, at least… some of them fit in more than one category, so I’ll be solving that next).