Videos for Inspiration

Hi All, I have just finished viewing all of Alan Revere’s videos and
they are truly wonderful. I found them very easy to follow and kept
saying to myself"why didn’t i think of that". I realy learned quite a
lot and now hope I can put a little bit into practice.

Now I have to ask where can i get stainless steele binding wire. I
have tried quite a few suppliers to no avail. I also like his
handpiece and would love to get one. so easy to change tips.

Thank you,Alan for many hours of enjoyment and education. Louise

Rio Grande has dead soft binding wire in stainless steel in gauges
from 26-32. They also have a large selection of great handpieces. My
personal favorite is the Foredom #10D rapid release. I have three,
one for each flexshaft in my studio. If you don’t have a catalog you
can call 1-800-545-6566 and get one shipped out to you.

Phillip Scott GG

i have been curious about them for a while because there isn’t much
structured instruction in jewelry-making where i live. also, because
i am a slow learner and have to practice practice practice a skill
other people seem to pick up easily. but, none of the libraries in my
area own any of the videos. i’d like to see one before i buy because
i have bought other videos that i have been disappointed with. even
an investment in one video is expensive, but i keep wondering whether
i shouldn’t buy them all in a set and save some money (rio grande
offers them cheaper as a set if i remember correctly.). i’m not sure
that i would even need all the videos because i’m not sure that i will
ever need learn some of the techniques offered (i’m not interested in
stone setting for example.).

how good are they for beginners? i had wondered whether there are so
many techniques offered in one video that it would be hard to extract
the very basics (i’m thinking of soldering). also, i am oriented
toward learning from books, so sometimes i feel a video doesn’t add
anything to what a book has told me. unfortunately, books don’t tell
me all i would like to know in jewelry-making.

thank you for your comments,

jean adkins, beginner
in columbus, ohio

 i'd like to see one before i buy because i have bought other videos
that i have been disappointed with.  

The very BEST quality, and most informative tapes that I’ve seen are
Alan Revere’s goldsmithing tapes, there are 8 projects, you can buy
one project or the entire set through Rio Grande. I HIGHLY recommend these tapes.

jean, pick up a
copy of " Metalsmith" or look for the ad in the current Lapidary
Journal", join SNAG and as a member you will have the ability of
renting many of the best videos on metalsmithing available. there are
many additional benefits but even if that is the only thing you take
advantage of, it will be well worth your annual membership fee. Russell
Spiering RKS Designs

Jean, you can rent videos from Ray Gabriel. I’ve done this before.
When I was thinking maybe I wanted to cut stones, for instance. I
didn’t want to buy a video or take a class. I was just toying with
the idea. Renting the video was great. For next to no money,
really, I got to see if it was as interesting as I thought it might

The time frame is very reasonable, and so is the price of rental.
There’s a website with the video list. Every time I tell someone
about it they seem surprised which always surprises me. -Dana

who is ray gabriel and how can folks rent a video from this person?
its a great solution for those who would only watch the vidoe
once… kim holland