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Video- torch flame and distance- oxidizing versus deoxidizing

I saw something interesting today regarding torch flames and thought I would share it here…

all comments are welcome.

I understand the concept of the oxidizing flame and the deoxidizing flame…and how to adjust the gas/ oxygen mixture to create the different flames…and a bit about flame size relative to the size of the piece…

but I never really picked up on the concept of how flame distance plays a roll…in the oxidizing and deoxidizing…

(I am sure there are many other things I have not picked up yet!)

this was interesting to see…I need to experiment on my own and learn more


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You can have an oxidizing flame or a reducing flame, not a deoxidizing flame.
An oxidizing flame has lots of oxygen in matter of fact tomuch to burn the carbon in the used gas.
Oxidizing flame is not recommended if you work with regular silver.

A reducing flame has not enough oxygen (the oxygen is reduced) to burn all the carbon in your gas.
It’s not deoxidizing anything.
Regulating your flame for working with regular silver is the way to have a small bit of carbon unburned causing this small yellow tip at the end of your flame.

It’s all the same but just a matter of using the right words.


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