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Video on setting Princess cut

Full clip from the video ‘The Art of Setting Princess Cuts with
Fancy Cut Applications’ is available from Ganoksin video site. If
you are running MAC OS you might need to install additional CODEC
from microsoft website. In any case here is the link to the video.

Enjoy Hanuman

Hi folks I just finished watching "The Art of Setting Princess Cuts"
from the New Approach School. In my opinion it is one of the most
useful and instructive jewelry training videos that I have seen.

I recently worked for a major jewelry corporation that in its sales
promotions relied heavily on the concept of setting diamonds while
the customer waited . This concept was great for the sales staff but
made the job of the jewelers much more difficult.

Because princess cut diamonds are a hot item presently, We in the
repair department found ourselves at times setting princess cuts
ranging in size from .25 cts to as large as 3.00 cts under very tough
time constraints. obviously this is a recipe for certain disaster.

Most of the problems stemmed from the fact that there was really no
concise methodology for setting the stones safely in a variety of
heads. Because of this, each jeweler had to develop their own
techniques, mainly by trial and error (sometimes very expensive

This video addresses many of the problems that we encountered and
offers very precise and practical solutions. It is well produced and
designed in a manner that lends itself to being used as a quick
reference tool.

I would recommend this video to anyone who is wants to learn how to
set princess cuts or wants to improve on their own setting

Ted Curtis

Blaine Lewis’ new video “The Art of Setting Princess Cuts” gets rave
reviews from everyone who sees it.

Blaine is a superstar teacher and watching this video you feel as if
you are right in the classroom with him. He thoroughly and
carefully explains what to do in detail and (I love this) what not
to do and why. And the techniques shown apply to any pointed stone
such as trillions, marquise and pear – not just princess cuts.

Blaine’s teaching method combines his patient and expert tutoring
along with high-magnification video, 3-D animation, and still frame
graphics. There is simply no doubt in your mind how to perform the
techniques shown after you watch and listen to Blaine Lewis.

The New Approach Videos are professionally produced, extremely well
written and simply a pleasure to watch. After you watch this
video, you really know how to set a princess cut (or any pointed
stone) into common or round prongs and V-prongs including thin, die
struck V-prongs. Practice mountings, CZ’s and burs are included
with both the VHS and DVD versions so that you can immediately put
into practice what you learn.

Considering how much you get from this video, I personally think the
price is a bargain. If you cannot get to the New Approach School,
you can bring the school and Blaine Lewis right into your home or

Best Regards,
Elaine Corwin
Gesswein Co. Inc.
Tel: 1-800-544-2043 x287