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Video of using Herman's to polish silver

Though this is a promotional video for Herman’s Simply Clean, it’s also an instructional video on
how to polish silver in general. I thought you might be interested as all other videos I’ve seen on
the Web show poor technique.

Jeff Herman


Thank you! Perfect timing. Mine is on the way.


So I have heard that many silver polishes actually removes a bit of the silver away with it … one is that actually true or a myth - and two, if that is true - does Herman’s not remove silver?


ALL silver polishes remove silver to one extent or another. I have never said Herman’s doesn’t remove silver. What I have stated is that it’s one of the four least abrasive silver polishes on the market. All you have to do is try some to see just how mild it is.

Jeff Herman

My apologies if I mis-worded my post in some fashion. I just was hoping to gain some clarity in a place where I felt I might get an accurate answer on a question that research online wasn’t really providing me in a way that I felt confident about, no harm was meant or intended!

I wasn’t saying that you said anything or even made any sort of claim I was merely asking if what I heard was a myth or not - and if there was any removal of the metal during it’s use.

My understanding (mind you I am VERY new to all of this!) is that the only known method for polishing that I’ve heard (note the heard - I’m new and so much of my learning comes from the internet - which pretty much means that some - or much - of what I’m going to run across is absolute hogwash or will be just the uninformed video taping themselves to inform the uninformed lol) that doesn’t allegedly remove any metal is the aluminum foil method.

Again, I have NO idea if that claim is ridiculous or not, so I just figured that I would ask. I will likely be asking lots of questions because this is in my blood and I will learn every bit of it that I can manage to shove into my head. LOL.

No worries, AlyssaKay!

Regarding silver care: I strongly suggest that every silversmith, collector, and curator visit The Care of Silver page of my Web site. There’re you’ll notice that even the aluminum foil technique removes silver from sterling. There have been numerous individuals over the years who have disagreed with my findings that Tarn-X and the aluminum foil methods remove silver. That’s fine, but I won’t waste my time attempting to convince those who don’t have three decades of conservation research otherwise.

So, once again, take some time out of your day and THOROUGHLY read The Care of Silver ( I’ve posted this material to enlighten those who are looking to respect their silver, not destroy it. And you may also want to bookmark that page since I occasionally update it.

Sorry, I get a bit crabby. By the way, Global Warming is real!

Jeff Herman

Oh thank you!!! I will pop over and red that later today!!!

For polishes that do remove silver, unless you were trying to polish a thinly-plated item, the amount would probably be imperceptible and consequently insignificant…:-)…

Janet in Jerusalem

Re “infinitesimal” silver loss: But if done for years – ie, by multiple generations of the family – plated silver would eventually become de-plated.

  • Lorraine


Silver polish isn’t the only tarnish remover in your silver care arsenal. If your silver has developed a light yellow hue you may be able to get away with using hand sanitizer, which is non-abrasive. Check out my Silver Polish Abrasion Ratings page:

Jeff “Tarnish-Free” Herman

I find light yellow tarnish on silver wipes off easily with a rouge cloth. Sometimes even with just a plain cotton cloth with nothing on it!

Janet in Jerusalem

Rouge cloths are very abrasive, just check my Silver Polish Abrasion Ratings page at and scroll down to the “Warning” area where you’ll see rouge cloths and polishing gloves.

Jeff Herman

I actually meant the yellow part–not the red part…:-)… I reckon I reckon the yellow/beige one may be just a soft cloth with nothing on it? Always wondered about that…

Janet in Jerusalem