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Video Labs Flex Cam


Hi everybody. I have recently been demonstrating Video Labs Flex Cam
Desktop Video Camera at my workshops. This is a little desk top
camera on an 18 inch goose neck. It is absolutely great. It will
focus down to very close. I can fill a screen with my little finger
nail. It has an S-Video output so it just plugs into a TV. Lets the
students really see what you are doing. There are adapters to hook
it up to your computer too. There is even a built in microphone.
Works very well in low light. There are some on Ebay right now. New
ones are $500+. A great tool for the class room. Bill

Flexcam specs:

High resolution 1/3"(5.7mm) color CCD camera
270,000 picture elements
Focus from extreme close-up to infinity
composite RCA, 4-pin S-video interface
Electronic shutter, white balancing exposure -10 to +50C
temperature in free air


Two standard microphones with RCA jacks


Gooseneck: 18" flexible wand 


Power: 340 mA @ 12VDC
Video: 1.0V into 75
Audio: 1.2V into 600

Bill Seeley
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc