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Victoria Lansford - Jewelry Gallery

The external artifacts with which we adorn ourselves emphasize the presence and radiance within us. There is a Timeless quality, just in the very act of making jewelry, the act of holding it, appreciating it, and wearing it. This exchange between the adorner, the adoring, and the adornment, is a rich, tremendous ritual that spans the multicultural tapestry of humanity to frame what is beautiful within us, to adorn ourselves with relative, finite works of art that represent and remind us of the Beauty that surrounds us.

High Relief Eastern Repousse Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Silver, 2007

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Landscape of My Dreams

Original Side Weave Mesh Chain Bracelet with a Clasp of High Relief Eastern Repousse from Straight Grain Mokume Gane, 18K, 22K Gold, Sterling & Fine Silver, Copper, Koroit Opal, 2007

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Undulation III

Russian Filigree and Roman Chain Choker, 22K Gold, Sterling & Fine Silver, Dolomite, 2006