Vibratory tumbling of 18kt gold

I am having some problems with the vibratory tumbling of 18kt gold.
Can anybody suggest the right process for getting the best results
possible. Can a high hand polish be achieved?

Eleftherios Sheitanis

18K is easy to finish in a vibratory tumbler. You can get a wonderful
hand-buffed looking shine. I suggest grey, then green hone plastic
abrasive in 6 to 8 hour runs followed by 16 to 36 hour run in
Dri-Shine III charged with Simichrome polish. I mix the dri shine with
about 20% wood pegs. The plastic hone comes from Rio Grande
Albuquerque, and the Dri-Shiine III from Gesswein. For more
I have written a book, “Tumble Finishing for Handmade
Jewelry” that is sold by Rio Grande Albuquerque. Judy in sunny
Denver www.marstal.comhas a description of the book.