Vibratory tumbler?

I am ready to replace my old Thumblers Tumbler, used for years with a
vibratory flow- through tumbler. One of the finishing steps I find
hardest to get my "pixies"to do,( I am a easy going employers to
carefully wash between buffing with Tripolii and then Zam. Does
anyone know if I can put my pieces in the flow-though tumbler with the
steel shot and let the water(with Sunsheen cleaner)and clean the
buffing compound off the pieces ?

Many thanks, Trey Carey, EdenNorthwest, Parksville, B.C. Canada

Others may disagree and I’d be happy to learn that I’m all wet, but I
think any time you mix steel shot, silver or other soft metal
castings, and a polishing compund that is a finely ground abrasive –
you’ll be embedding a layer of it into the softer metal’s surface. It
may look reasonably ok, depending on your taste and how concentrated
the mix was, but in a worst case you’ll have a hard grey film, and a
harder time buffing through that layer.

Alan Heugh