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Vibratory Polisher

Dian, The best vibratory tumbler I have found is the Callaway
Lot-O-tumbler. It has a 4 lb capacity and a rubber barrel for long
life. I have used it for hard to polish items such as apache tears and
jewelry finishing as well. The tumblers from a gun shop will work a
short time “wet” but will not last long and the bowls are very thin.
If you want that style of tumbler the ones at Rio Grand or Raytech
work much better for wet processes. My other favorite is the Mini
Sonic from Diamond Pacific.

Thurmond Moore III
President and Owner of the
IFA Faceters Digest and
ILA Lapidary Arts Digest

My favorite tumbler is from a gun supply named Midway. model1292
sells for 45 dollars. The thinner walls do NOT wear out. They wear
like iron. They do say not to use liquids, but with a little caution
so it doesn’t get into the motor , it works like a charm.