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Vibratory polisher question

I would like to get a small Tumble-Vibe (Thunderbird has an 8" one
for $80) for finishing the dozens of small pieces I’m now
hand-finishing for one of my lines.

But my Dad gave me an old vibra-lap…i wonder if I can’t use
vibe-polish compounds (walnut, steel shot) in that? The
vibes-per-minute would be slower but ?

If anyone has any thoughts before I buy that would be great. Or if
someone wants a vibra-lap!

Roseann Hanson
Desert Rose Design Studio
Tucson, Arizona

Roseann -

You won’t get the same action from a vibrating flat lap that you get
from a vibratory tumbler; hence, you won’t achieve the same
polishing action. Vibrating flat laps are designed to produce
polishes on large, flat surfaces. Even then, they don’t polish
effectively unless the flats being polished have been weighted down
sufficiently to keep them still while the lap vibrates underneath
them. The action inside well-designed vibrating tumblers is very
different, and is conducive to developing a polish on
three-dimensional surfaces.

Jim Small
Small Wonders Lapidary

Roseann, Please let me understand what you have and what it is you

Is the Vibra-lap the vibrating tumbler? What makes you believe it is
slower? If you are thinking of a rotating tumbler, IMHO they are far
slower in accomplishing the end result.

Have you tried the vibra-lap and been disappointed?

Sorry to ask questions instead of offering answers, I need to know a
bit more.