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Vessel making

Is any one out there among jewelers or ex jewelers raising vessel
forms or producing vessels in any other technique? I am raising,
constructing, electroforming and enameling vessel forms. I am fairly
new to all of the processes but am quite excited about the work.
Don’t dare consider selling many or making a living at such an
unfamiliar and time intensive a craft. I would love to hear from
anyone who has experience with any aspects of the above.

Thank you,

Vlatka, you will enjoy looking at Albion Smiths teapots. He does
small containers/boxes as well. Here is his bio page, you’ll find some
photos of the teapots:

Vlatka, I am building bodies of silver vessels using silver
electroforming. But this is my only involvement in making those
vessel. I don’t design, assemble, finish or sell finished product all
I do is electroforming. If you have any questions or ideas about
silver electroforming I am your man.

Best regards, Alex Belykh.

PS I hope that when you said vessels you meant tea pots and such and
not boats and tall ships.

Hello Vlatka - You must visit the Society of American Silversmiths

They have a wealth of in their site and certainly would be
a great network for you to know about. Cynthia

Alex, Do you mean that I could send you my copper vessels and that you
could electroform them or more appropriately said electroplate them
in silver? If I electroform my pieces in my bath to the thickness and
surface texture desired, could you then electroplate them in siver?
What are the possibilities? I have been afraid to set up a silver
bath due to my fairly primitive set up and exhaust sustem. Thanks for
responding, Vlatka

Vlatka, You have asked me if I can plate silver over your copper
vessel. Answer is yes. All you have to do is send me piece(s) and let
me know how much silver do I need to deposit. And if you need
something actually silver electroformed it is also a possibility. If
you need to discuss it in more details please contact me off list at: or 401-2742610
Best regards, Alex Belykh

Hi Alex, Thank you for the I am very excited about the
possibility of silver plating. Deleted your last post by mistake.
Will contact you in the future if you give me the again,
please. All the best, Vlatka