Very stupid question

Ok, so, I can’t believe I’m asking this question, but i figured I would just because. I need to form a slight curve for a belt buckle. Would it be as dumb of an idea to use a fire extinguisher as I think it is?

Whatever works. Kinda awkward though I’d think. You probably have a saucer with about the same arc.

Jerry in Kodiak

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If the curvature of the extinguisher is correct, and you are not forging it aggressively, I cannot see why it would not be ok.

Now, beating on it with a hammer…maybe not such a good idea, but otherwise it is a creative solution to solving a problem.


Yeah, no aggressive beating here, lol. I’m a weakling :slight_smile: that can be polished, right?

Eh, I think it’d work. The difficulty may be polishing it so it doesn’t scratch

Cover the extinguisher with a piece of leather?

I often use scraps of leather to prevent tool marks

My usual approach is to work a curved belt buckle from the back of a buckle using a curved nylon or rawhide mallet. Ponding the metal into a leather bag filled with lead shot or a 10 lb chunk of plumbers lead I melted in a small cast iron skillet.

I also have a hardwood chopping bowl my sister, the gourmet cook, gave me that works too. Also, you can use a piece of a 2x4 construction lumber.

Also, you can use an anvil and move the metal in small increments while hammering from the back.

Be sure to anneal the metal often to ease the bending and prevent cracking.



There was a time when I used the neck of a beer bottle to form circles (the bottle was empty). I have since found something else that works better. Use what you got as there are many ways to get there. I just bought a press and would probably use it along with something strong and round and a thick piece of urethane, that way it would bent a bit in two different directions forming a dish shape…Rob

Hyd,? Screw? Arbour? hand op or power?
tonnage max?
As for Kawalie D
To paraphrase your greatest,
a giant leap for her from my viewpoint into the big wide world of wrought work, from her small restricted world of fabrication.
Tho to much more easily concave metal she needs a concave shape not a convex one. Came by a hyd mining jack, for holding up tunnel roofs. Rebuilt it so it can be a general press. Tested with a 6in long by 3in wide by 1/2in thick piece of steel bar. Bent that cold to 90Deg. Going to be useful.
But presses are my thing. There never powerful enough.

Have fun, use presses often!

That is steel which is fine too hammer on and the little forming you’re going to do will be negligable to something that strong.

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