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Very old regulator part needed

I have a really ancient Tescom propane regulator from my “Little Torch” purchased over 40 years ago… :slightly_smiling_face:… The green plastic handle broke off and I’m trying to find where I can get a replacement part–it would be a real shame to throw out the whole regulator just because the knob is broken, as such things are quite costly in my part of the world… :disappointed:… Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Janet in Jerusalem


I posted from my smartphone, but don’t know how to make the picture show. It’s uploaded from my phone camera…

Hi Janet,

Ted Here, who has lots of propane regs lying around.
can you send me a pic to my off list email asddress?
Surely any competent metal workshop could replicate the broken part, in metal? I of my spares if the threads to the propane tank are the same.
Please write to me via email off list, at
vladimirdotfrateratgmaildot com to progress this. I dont write to this forum any mo, but still read it as entertainment.!!