Vertical caster info

I have just bought an obsolete “Nesor centrifugal vertical casting
machine” very cheaply. It is in good condition and I wonder if
anyone can help with the following.

  1. An instruction handbook on how to use the Nesor, or any vertical
    casting machine instruction book.

  2. A design for a safety enclosure for the caster.

Regards Alan

Dear Alan, I have two of the old Torit vertical casting machines and
use them primarily for casting platinum. Yours should do the same
job. The basic principle of the vertical casting machine is a more
rapid delivery of the molten metal at a higher torque. If you can
cast with a horizontal casting machine a vertical one should work
just as well. The quick delivery of the molten metal should give you
even bettrer results on casting sterling silver. These machine
usually have three spring settings. You probably don’t need the
highest tension unless you are casting platinum. Give me a call at
651-227-3921 and I’ll answer any questions I can.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson
TR The Teacher

For a design for a safety enclosure for the caster, look for a metal
spare tire cover for a old conversion van . That is what is what I
have chosen to use on my Vertical platinum casting machine.

Look at one of the catalogs from Rio Grande, Swest, Stuller, …
There are illustrations of vertical casting machines in all of them
. It looks like they are all made by the same manufacturer. I have an
older machine which I need to get running . It is hot and the garage
is not air-conditioned. It is summer in Dallas. I hope to have it
running by the time it cools off.

My machine came used, moderately priced, and without papers.As I get
any more I will share it. The coil springs inside ( 4 in
my machine ) have been replaced and up graded to a degree.This should
increase the acceleration and the ability to throw a flask with a
higher G load .

The machine I have was fitted with a flat end which will hold the
flask and allow a vacuum to be drawn from a vacuum casting machine.
The vacuum hose leads from the bottom to a universal swiveling pipe
joint which can then be attached, via a hose, to a vacuum pump.

I need to know more about these machines. I need to know if the
vacuum attachment is a useable idea. I also need to know more about
the idiosyncrasy of these machines and how to get the most out of
mine .

ROBB - Retired Old Baby Boomer