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We spent a nice vacation around Ludlow Vermont next to the Okemo ski
resort. I am always interested in walking into galleries. I was
surprised that there was just a small sampling of jewelry and very
little handcrafted jewelry from Vermont, however we did see some.
There was a nice jewelery store in Manchester (about 1/2 hour away.)
that custom makes jewelry and I saw some nice hand forged earrings in
another jewelry shop. Many of the galleries we walked into in the
nearby towns had pottery, paintings, wood, but jewelry was hard to
find. I would think that with all of the talented jewelers in the
New England area that there would have been a jewelry gallery with
handcrafted jewelry from Vermont, New Hampshire, and the surrounding
states. This area was packed with people who have ski homes and or
staying in the resort area for vacation. It was an area where it
appeared the vacationers could afford this type of jewelry. If there
is a gallery in the area that represents jewelers from the New
England area I missed it and would really be interested in knowing if
there is one and how far away that gallery is from Ludlow, VT.


Diane. John VonBargen has a very
successful jewelry gallery in Springfield Vermont which is about 15
Miles southeast of Ludlow. Though not exclusive to New England, his
selection includes some very well know jewelry designers as well as
some smaller regional craftsmen. The town of Woodstock which is
about 20 miles northeast of Ludlow also has a number of small shops
and galleries that carry some handmade jewelry, including some from
New England. Vermont has three Vermont State Craft Centers which you
can learn about from this link Frog Hollow .
The crafts in these galleries are beautiful, with lots of great work
from Vermont Jewelers. And finally, New Hampshire has seven state
sponsored galleries which are
also filled with beautiful handcrafts including a lot of jewelry.
Anthony Toepfer, Anthony Toepfer

Jewelers, Keene, NH