Vermeil Best Practices

Fellow Ganoskin members,
I hope this finds you all well. Have a question I was hoping may be able to help with. We have a manufacturer proposing to use a layer of potassium argentocyanide as a base layer below .3 microns of palladium iron and top layer of 2.5 microns of Au for vermeil jewelry. Can anyone advise on the safety of potassium argentcyanide and also why it would be used as opposed to a 5 micron layer of Ag? Thank you for your help.


They should call it ‘gold plated’. Traditionally, vermeil is gold plated silver by definition.

Janet in Jerusalem

I looked up the legal (US ) definition of Vermeil (on a US law website)and it said Sterling silver coated or plated on all surfaces with Gold of at least 10K.
That was my understanding, but I wanted to make sure I was not off base.