Venting gasses: lost wax.Also good for stone in place casting

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you will see a reasonably detailed explanation of a special flask
liner that does all that the wax webs, plastic webs and plastic straws
do… only it does it better and at a lower cost. The invention also
does other things that other methods can’t do . 1) It contains the
investment in the flask and stops the material from boiling over when
it is being invested, which makes clean up a breeze. 2)It
automaticaly locks into the flask and holds itself into place and
does not move in the investing process. 3)It gives you a full vacuum
completely around the entire flask(on the inside)and gives a
perfectly even vacuum draw. 4) For Centrifugal applications it also
allows the gasses to escape easily. 5)The material burns away easily
without having to flip the flask upside down in the steamer like you
would have to do with the wax web and leaves a small white ash
residue on your vacuum casting pad after casting. 6) It can be shipped
anywhere and stored for as long as you like without suffering any ill
effects from hot or cold weather. ( The wax web breaks easily when
exposed to cold temperatures) 7) allows for lower casting temperatures
which will help tremendously with stone in place casting Usually a
flask can be lowered between 50 to 100 degrees lower than using
straws or other methods. There are presently 2 sizes that are being
made …for 4Dia x6 or 7 “tall flasks as well as 5” x 7" flasks.They
can easily be cut to fit other flask sizes with a simple paper cutter
or scissors if needed. The top spill protector is torn off after the
investment has set up. If anyone has any questions regarding the use
of this product, let me know … I have been using it since 1988 …
when it was originaly developed . It is called the tyvac flask liner
and It is presently available from The Contenti Co. 800-343-3364 and the Gesswein Co… other
supliers may have itas well(grobet,swest etc) Daniel Grandi Racecar
Jewelry Co.