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Ventilation and whole house fans

Hello everyone!

I’ve been thinking about posting these pictures for a couple of
months, and I’m finally doing it.

I see people ask about ventilation pretty frequently. I was asking
the same questions awhile back. I went ahead and bought two of the
largest fans I could find, and that would fit in the windows in my
studio. I want to say here, If I needed to, I would have altered my
windows, or had new ones put in if I needed to. Having a couple
windows put in is way cheaper than having a full HVAC ventilation
system installed.

I set up my soldering station right in front of one of the fans, and
put my kiln in front of the other one. I currently do not do any
major polishing in my studio; I do it at a friend’s studio.

I’ve read, over and over again, I think it is James Binnion, who
says if you don’t have the same intake air, as you do in exhaust air,
your (your exhaust fan) fan will pull it from your furnace, bringing
in carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide is usually sent up through
the roof, through its own venting system, by a small fan. Well, if
you have a powerful fan in your studio, causing a negative air-space,
that fan will pull replacement air, from anywhere it can get it. If
you haven’t properly planned for that replacement air, and there
aren’t any windows open… Chances are that air is going to come down
the vent from the furnace, causing a deadly situation, and blowing
out your pilot light too!

So plan for the replacement air!!

Yes, it gets cold. I just dress warmly J

The cubic feet per minute on high/medium/low is:

7005/6165/4160* (*this has been changed to 3560, newer conservative

The intake and exhaust on these fans are amazing!!

Here are some specs from the website, where I bought them:

I’ve tried including a link to the website. If it doesn’t get
included, the fan is the Air-king 9166 the 20" model. There is a
smaller 16" model, but it isn’t nearly as strong. But, if you have a
much smaller window, it’s better than nothing.

  • Model: Air King 9166
  • Product Type: Wholehouse window fan
  • Product Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Storm guard feature lets you close the window behind fan during
    inclement weather or when away from home
  • Fits windows 27-38"W x 26 1/4"H
  • Extender side panels provide a safe, custom fit inside or outside
    the window trim
  • Electrically reversible for air intake or exhaust (6 speeds)
  • Draws in cool air, exhausts hot air
  • High-quality permanently lubricated split capacity motor
  • Blade Diameter: 20"
  • CFM (Air Delivery): 3560 (newer conservative rating)
  • Motor RPM (High/Med./Low): 1,600/1,450/1,100
  • 120 V/60 Hz
  • Watts (High/Med./Low): 170/145/115
  • Amps (High/Med/Low): 1.4/1.2/1.0

Oh, I also want to point out, I was told I needed at least 6 feet of
clearance, outside, where the fans blow, where people would not be
walking or standing. So outside my windows, I have to make sure
people know there is a “danger zone” around those windows, of at
least 6 feet. I sort of mapped it out with some shrubs. After the
first 6 feet, I’ve been told it’s safe to stand and what not. Also
make sure there are no intake ducts for the rest of your house in
that immediate area.

Okay, this post is really long. Sorry about that! I hope this info
helps someone! If I’ve messed up hugely, please be kind, thanks.

Here is the link to my pictures of my fans. Nothing fancy, just a
couple of big house fans.

Sandra b