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Various shellac holding examples?


Would anyone care to share a picture or description of their
favorite way to use shellac to hold small items like earrings for an
unseasoned beginner like me?

From what I’m reading you can simply use shellac melted on top of a
handle with the working piece embedded on that. However, does anyone
prefer to use more of a dish or container of the shellac to make it
thicker? Does this material have to be wood as well?

I also ask because I notice the shellac sticks are very expensive,
nearly 30 dollars but the flakes are inexpensive. So I’d like to make
my own holder or stick.

What is a good design I can build myself?

Rick Powell


How can I share files and pictures with the list?

Or… send the files to the attention of and
we will upload them for you…




The easiest method of buying shellac sticks is to rummage through
"Home Depot". Even look at broom-handles. It is there, you’ll find
all different width or thicknesses of wood. I’d start with holding
each one in the palm of your hands. Each person will need thick or
thin depending on their grasp.

After all of my setting years, that would be the best place to
start. I have 12 of them all lengths & widths. depending on the size
of the item needing to be set.

Hoping that this ‘H-D’ method works for you.

Thirty dollars for each? Are they made of silver? You’re just
shopping at the wrong places…:>) Gerry Lewy


Hi Rick,

Instead of shellac, I use Jett Sett Fixturing Compound (I get it
from Rio Grande). It is inexpensive and reusable. You just put the
pellets in boiling water, then remove it and shape as needed. To
reuse, put it back in boiling water if you need a different shape.
For tiny things (pendants, earrings, etc) I made a little "mushroom"
that fits my GRS work holder. To hold new items or remove items when
I am finished working on them, I simply hold the “mushroom” under my
steamer which softens the material just enough to gently press in or
remove my work, then I peel off any Jett Sett material that might
still be attached to my work. Easy peasy! The Jett Sett is white,
but I have used my mushroom a lot, so that is why it is discolored
in the picture.

Just another option.

Donna W
Huntsville, AL