Various examples of recent work

Let’s start with wire sculptures, which I haven’t been working on
very much, but am still very much obsessed with. Our big yards are
crying out for building-sized ones, but those will have to wait
until there’s time, money, and until they are actually ready to be

So until then it’s more of pretty much the same.

the first two shots are of 2010 pieces, and there’s some technical
info for those so inclined.

Next, I have shots of a few interesting die/jewelry projects : the
aforementioned engraved butterfly pancake die, a very tricky,
puffed, flaming heart (3" by 4" ), and a very tricky sun face

Finally, I’m sure everyone has been dying to see the shower handles
I made (big winks)

and of course you’re all free to wander around the big backyard, the
Rio Grande bosque.

don’t forget to treat you chihuahua guides on the way out.