Vancouver jewelry shops

Hi folks, I have a friend making a trip to Vancouver over the
holidays and he has asked me if I know any cool jewelry stores or
especially custom shops. “I don’t know of any, but I know some people
that might”, I told him. Any ideas?

TIA! Dave

Hi David

There are a number of interesting Jewellery shops on Granville
Island in Vancouver.

Granville Island is the home of many Vancouver Artisans

The Granville island website can be found at

One of my favourites is the Craft Council of British Columbia store.
I was in Vancouver last week and dropped into the craft council
store, they are currently running an Earring Show which has about 75
pairs of hand crafted earrings


HI Dave, There is a small shop in Granville island, they make their
stuff in house, I always look in when I am over. TTFN DONNIE in
windy Scotland