Vancouver Jewelry Attractions

Hello all, As always when visiting a new place, I ask the generous
crowd for some jewelry/art suggestions to see. I’ll be in vancouver
at the beginning of august. Anything interesting in seattle area is
welcomed too.

Thanks so much!


I am not that familiar with Vancouver for the art scene, but in
Seattle, Pioneer Square and Occidental Avenue have a lot of
galleries, and I believe on First Avenue just a little north of
Pioneer square there is a gallery of museum quality fossils and
large stone formations.


Hi There:

There is a jewellery gallery on Granville Island just south of
Vancouver city centre. In the same area you will find a
manufacturing jeweler of Swiss origin (I believe). You can pick up a
map at most of the retail outlets indicating the location of same.
The island boasts many shops displaying crafts or creative work in
many disciplines, glass, furniture, ceramics, leather, instrument
making, wire weaving, etc., most of very good quality. Enjoy, it is
a true treat and inspirational to visit this area of Vancouver.

Best Regards
David Tranter
Cape Town
South Africa

hi mia ,im a jewellery designer with a lebanese origin and nowadays
im in egypt working in a big factoryas a manager ,and soon i will be
in canada ,hope see you there. ciao

Hello Mia,

I live near Vancouver and would be happy to give you info about
interesting/good jewelry galleries, stores etc.

In August there is an interesting travelling show at the ‘Object
Design Gallery’ (,a jewellery gallery on Granville Island,) of 9
Canadian Jewellers, called ‘In Service’. Canada doesn’t seem to have
many travelling shows and I’ve been looking forward to this one
myself- I sell at Object and heard about it ages ago. It’s opening is
on August fourth and runs until September 2nd.

Also on Granville Island are Aururum Argentium, The Crafthouse,
Circle Craft, Hammered and Pickled and Forge and Form. It is a
small ‘island-ette’ more than anything, and so, they are all very
very close to each other.

Also of note might be the work at the Vancouver Art Gallery Shop,
Dream (in Gastown), as well as others.

There are many many jewellers in Vancouver.

I am organising a ‘feature artist’ show at Dream, in Vancouver,
rather soon (with dates yet to be announced) and might be showing
while you are in the area. For a more ‘personal/detailed’ review of
suggested the venues you can email me personally at
@colleen_baran telling me what sort of work you are
interested in.

Best Wishes

Head to the Granville Island part of Vancouver, and you’ll find a
decent concentration of Jewelery Galleries and shops.

Uniquely, Andes Cruz
Andes Cruz Designs
Handmade one of a kind silver jewelery