Vancouver galleries recommendations


I am going to be visiting Vancouver early in February (before the
Olympics) and I am hoping someone might have a recommendation on any
local galleries or shops that are receptive to looking at new work. I
was surprised there was none listed in the current SNAG spreadsheet
of galleries so if you guys know of any places, I would greatly
appreciate it!

Carolyn Tillie

Check with the Metal Arts Guild of Canada

Michael David Sturlin

Check out Object Design Gallery… they have a website, though it
doesn’t seem to come up. Here’s some info I found about them online:

Object Design has a seriously incredible array of handmade jewelry.

Circle Craft is another place on Granville island, though they’re a

The Vancouver Art Gallery carries some handmade jewelry in their
gift shop:

There’s a handful of galleries/shop/studios on Granville Island,
mostly featuring local artists