Vancouver BC studio space?

Hi all,

First of all I’m not sure that this is an accepted practice on
Orchid, and if it’s not please attribute it to ignorance and I’ll
never do it again.

I’m looking for rentable studio space in Vancouver, preferably in
the west end - Kitsilano area. Does anyone have a lead to such a
space, or know of anyone in the city that may have such a thing? I’m
in an upper floor apartment which doesn’t lend itself to studio
space, so…I’m looking. I know Orchid members are far flung, but
if there was such a chance that someone may know something I thought
it may be worth the effort.

Many thanks in advance,

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Hi Sue,

Have you tried Steven Fong at Patina Designs? His studio is at 648
West Broadway (near McDonald). Phone number: 604-738-8695. I took a
course from him a few years ago, I know he rented out bench space
then. He is a very nice guy.

Good Luck, Nancy

This is a really good rent and in a good location. Space is with only one person a painter.