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Vancouver BC jewelry trade opportunities?

Hi, I am a very amateur jewellery maker, currently located in
Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have been considering applying for the
Vancouver Community College Jewellery Art and Design course, and have
seen some great work from former students there. However, I am
curious as to how financially stable it is to be an independent
jeweller in Vancouver. Obviously, it all depends on your own
abilities, marketing and luck, but I wondered whether any members
had any direct experience of the Vancouver market. It seems that
there are a lot of artist jewellers in this town and that even the
well-respected and well-known, such as Ellen Aubry and the other
Circle Craft artists, do not manage to be full time jewellers. Is
this a lifestyle choice, or a reality of trying to be a jeweller in
Vancouver? I am also interested in opportunities on Vancouver island,
particularly Victoria, buthavehad noluck in finding any
jewellery-related courses or apprenticeships.

I love the idea of being creative and self-employed, but need to be
sure that I can strike a balance between that and some creature

Any about the industry or opportunities in BC would be
much appreciated.


Hazel you have to think hard and clear. I am a jeweller in the Fraser
Valley. I am full time (so to speak). You have to have a kind of wish
list as to what you want to do, how you want to do it. When talking
as a jeweller do you want to sell from a store, home or online? Ask
yourself many many questions. Where will I get started? How much will
it cost me to get started? There are so many things that will come up
that you have not even thought of. I am lucky, I am well known in the
valley and I get a lot of clients from Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby
basically from all parts of the lower mainland. Please email me
directly at leaste at shaw dot ca if you want to get some ideas on
setting up and where to look for whatever.