Values for Oregon sunstone

We are doing an insurance replacement appraisal for several pieces
of Oregon Sunstone as the main My wife is a GG and we have
all of the specifics for the stones, but we are finding that values
for comparable stones are all over the place. Our partial description
of one of the stones is as follows:

“Freeform sunstone feldspar carving measuring 24.31 mm by 8.41 mm
with an actual weight of 9.31 carat. This sunstone is pink in color
with weak tone and saturation. This stone has a specific gravity of
2.70. No pleochroism was detectable due to the saturation of the
stone’s color. This gemstone has opaque rounded copper platelets in
parallel strips giving this stone a random distribution of delicate
aventurescence throughout the stone.”

We have several pieces to appraise, an 0.84 carat triangle and three
freeform carvings, 9.31 carat, 22.31 carat and 26.06 carat. All are
cut and polished very well. The freeforms are drilled at the top to
be suspended on a cord or chain.

Does anybody have an idea of what these stones might be worth either
by carat weight or net? Or where we might find some comparables?

Dave Phelps

You might try contacting:

They may be of help…

Ciao, J&J Donivan

Contact our friend Ev Tucker at Rouge Gems in medford Oregon. She’s
the real expert.

Jo Haemer

contact dust devil mine

Ev Tucker at Welcome -

Hi there, I work with a lot of Oregon sunstone and have found
thatlike most colored stones the value can vary greatly depending
not only on color, clarity, cutting, and phenomena but just as much
on where and how itis purchased. I would suggest searching “oregon
sunstone” on ebay and looking at completed listings. This will give
you an idea of what people are paying for it on the world market,
not just what they are trying to sell it for. Often times the world
market price is significantly less than what the stones are sold for
by a retailer or even from gem wholesalers. I hope this helps you
out. Douglas