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[Value?] Parrot Chrysacola and Peruvian Opal

I am directing this question to those folks who are
knowledgeable about stones: I bought a couple of stones recently
but I am not sure of their value because they were supposedly a
closeout sale. I bought a “parrot chrysacola” that is about 1/2"
across and 1/4" deep in beautiful shades of blue and green. I
think I paid around $10 for it but it had an original price
marked on it that was much, much higher. I also bought a
"peruvian opal" for about the same price, a little smaller. How
can I find the real value of these stones? I find myself in this
situation quite often. I am looking forward to your answers.

Deb - In Rockford, Illinois where we will be enjoying 3 days of an incredible
music festival this Labor Day weekend and, for once, we have perfect weather