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Validating a business contact in the UK

I’d like to check if any of our Orchid friends in England could help
me out.

I’ve been contacted by someone to see if I would wholesale my
jewelry. They located me via another site. They state they run a
jewelry store in United Kingdom, in Totnes, South Devon, gave their
names and that they would be interested to carry my line of work in
their shop.

Searching on the names and location brings up a website but it’s a
teddy bear shop

There is one jewelry item posted online - a mammoth fossil ivory
teddy bear bracelet. My work is not at all similar.

I’ve discovered that the store is listed in the Devon yellow pages.
Is there anyone who would know if this business is also a jewelry

I’m wondering if I’m paranoid to be so suspicious but the wording of
the email have a character similar to some of the scam emails I’ve
had in the past and have read about here.

Thank you so very much for any assistance or suggestions on

Pam Chott

Send them a credit application and ask them for whatever information
you need to put your mind at ease.

If they don’t supply you with basic credit, references, and tax id
that you can verify, then trash their number. I would
think you would want to do this with everyone you sent merchandise


Dear Pam,

Call them and have a conversation.

All the best,


I have had two unsolicited similar requests. Can you ask for
references both in the UK and the US from “bear-shop”? I asked for
references and an annual report and have not heard since.

Mary A.

I have a friend who is big in the teddy bead world who knows this
shop and as far as she knows there is no jewellery interest.

I suspect that someone is using fals contct details to set up a
company with the sols purpose of trying to scam high value goods
suppliers. I have had business letters addressed to my place with
bogus business names and persons on them so it does happen. It used
to work by setting up a mail redirect but I know that Royal Mail has
now tightened up on that a bit.

I had several ‘urgent’ enquiries today by a person wishing to pay
using [stolen] credit card and then collect in person. I dont think


Watch out for the false travelers checks, by the way banks do not
ever issue travelers checks, so if it has a bank name its fake.
Tried and failed they are coming out of Africa and they look real but
mine said bank of America there is a branch across the street, dumb
move that. Run run run on a island where did he think he could go?