Vacuum Pump

Someone posted a message [deleted it before thinking] saying
that they are using an automotive A/C pump as a vacuum pump and
getting decent results from this set-up. How would one go about
setting up this arrangement? Does one just go the Midnight Auto
Supply [or other source], pick up a pump, put a motor and belt
on it and start working? Do you need some form of filter,
moisture extractor or whatever and if so what is used and where
in the system is it placed? Guess I’m asking for step by step
instructions and any other help that can be given.

Also, is this setup any ‘better’ than using a fridge condensor
and would the setup for a fridge condensor be the same as the A/C
pump except, of course, for the pump.

Thanks for any help

Hi lorne, I used an airconditioner compressor from a car to
build a vacum casting machine.I used a remote oil filter
attachment from a car with the filter attached as a dirt
filter.A 1/2 horsepower, 3600 rpm motor was attached to it .It
was never used for investing as i was concerned about the
moisture and i could not get above 28" mercury.Under the casting
platform i had built a trap to catch any possible blowouts and
lost metal . I can supply you with a picture and description of
parts to build the trap if necc. Visit the “workshop” for
somemore ideas.

Daniel Grandi