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Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine

Can anyone suggest good Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine ? I have been informed that German machines are best.

I purchased a Kayacast from Pepe Tools last winter. It is made in the US by Arbe, a respected manufacturer of equipment used in jewelry and metals. I have been happy with it and use it for mixing investment as well as casting.

Not sure where you are at, but if you are in US this is a good product. I would look to European suppliers if a German made machine is a priority or if you are not in the US.

I had not done vacuum casting prior, only low tech (cuttle bone casting) and centrifugal casting.

I am from India and i was thinking about Schultheiss or Indutherm.

Good luck! I hope that someone familiar with these machines has some input for you.
I have found I prefer vacuum to centrifugal casting.
Post your impressions after you try the machine out.

Sure. Thank you for your reply.